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Rosemarie Hilton has been a longtime lover of health and wellness. Even as a youth she found joy in watching her favorite cooking shows on PBS.


Her inspiration for culinary arts came from the countless hours of watching cooking shows such as Julia Childs, Yan Can Cook, and Jack Pupan, just to name a few. The art of cooking has always been fascinating to her, and she found pleasure in creating amazing dishes from simple ingredients.

In 2017, Rosemarie ventured to begin the ketogenic diet after years of struggling with chronic fatigue resulting from unhealthy eating habits.


After seeing how well Keto worked for her, she started making keto, low carb and vegetarian recipes for others. The popularity of her recipes propelled her to start a business as a personal chef which resulted in producing a keto bakery. Customers nationwide have raved about her low carb, sugar free desserts and bagels. And now at 54 years young she continues to serve the community while living a happy healthy lifestyle. On this blog you will find low carb, keto, sugar free and vegetarian recipes that you and your family can enjoy together. Happy Cooking! 


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